Air Purifier Installation


Attention to Detail Guaranteed

Whether you have ice on your outside air conditioning unit and no air is coming out of the air vents, or your home is simply not cooled to the right temperature, we can handle both your emergency air conditioning repairs or routine AC service calls. We serve Nashville and all surrounding cities. And regardless if your AC unit needs emergency repair service or routine maintenance, our focus is not on selling you a new HVAC system. Our focus is on FIXING your AC. We are committed to doing what’s best for our customers. Always. Whether you are dealing with an outside condenser coil that’s not working, a

faulty thermostat, uneven cooling, or a water leak from your air conditioning unit, Tennessee AIR will fix the problem promptly. Our experienced HVAC professionals can diagnose and troubleshoot a huge variety of home air conditioning problems and perform the air conditioning repair services you need to get your unit back in great working order. Your air conditioning never quits at a convenient time. At Tennessee AIR, we understand that and we offer true emergency air conditioning repair. You can reach us 7 days a week, 365 days a year for immediate air conditioning repair. No matter what time of day, we will answer our phone and get to your Nashville area home quickly so you can get back to your life in no time. Call or Text: 615-90-TNAIR today! Or schedule online.



Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service.

Whether your heat pump is not working, your furnace is giving you trouble and needs repair, or you need a routine service check on your entire Heating and Cooling system, Tennessee AIR offers superior HVAC service all over The Greater Nashville area. We will get your furnace and HVAC system back in great working order fast so you can get back to your life with minimum disruption. We are a Nashville based company and we believe in treating you the way we would like to be treated. We will not try to sell you a new furnace or heat pump. Instead, we will repair and maintain your current unit and try to minimize your cost. Because our business's success is largely based on repeat

customers and referrals from happy middle Tennessee homeowners, we would much prefer to earn and keep your business than to make a quick sale at your expense. More often than not, Furnaces fail at the most inconvenient times: on the coldest day of the year, after hours or on a weekend or holiday. For that precise reason, we offer true emergency heating repair. No matter what day it is or what time it is, if your furnace blower is not working or your heat pump is not starting, you can call us! We do answer our phone, and we will be there quickly to repair your furnace right away so you can get back to your life! We offer Emergency Furnace repair service throughout Nashville and surrounding areas. You can call or text us any time at 615-90-TNAIR or schedule an appointment online if it’s more convenient.



Customized to Your Preferences

When repairing your air conditioning and heating system is no longer an option, replacing your HVAC system with the right heating and cooling system is the first step. This is the perfect time for you to tell us about any problem areas with heating or cooling in your home. This information is vital to make sure we address all your concerns and make sure you have correct sized duct work, unit sized correctly and proper airflow. But just as important as selecting the perfect system for your needs, is getting a top notch installation. While most new air conditioning systems are not installed properly, an installation done by the book will ensure your new system will run smoothly for years free of premature breakdowns. Add to that a fair price, no high pressure sales techniques, and the option to finance, and you can count on getting the BEST VALUE for your new HVAC system anywhere in the Greater Nashville area. The right unit(s) for your home, A top notch installation, A fair price, the best value. That’s our promise to you.



A Breath of Fresh AIR

The air that you breathe in your home or office can greatly affect your health, comfort and even hygiene. Our team offers a number of air filtration solutions that allow you to breathe easier. No matter how much you clean your home you will never be able to remove all of the pollutants that saturate the air inside, but a filtration system from Tennessee AIR can greatly enhance the air quality. Our systems, which include filtration in our HVAC units, are designed to remove allergens, dust and

bacteria from their air, helping to quell issues with allergies, asthma and congestion. To find out how we can improve your home's air quality contact Tennessee AIR to request an in-house consultation regarding the installation of a residential air filtration system in Nashville or the surrounding communities. Our fully trained and insured technicians take your health seriously and work hard to ensure that all aspects of air quality systems run dependably and efficiently, including: air filtration equipment, air purification equipment, ventilation, UV Filtration and light humidifiers and dehumidifiers.



Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service.

Think of your heating and cooling system as a car. Your car needs oil changes, brake pads, and tune-ups on a regular basis in order for it to run its best and to avoid some of the expensive repairs that can happen when you don’t. Your HVAC equipment is the same way. You want to ensure that your equipment is running at its best. This requires regular cleanings, and an experienced technician to go through the equipment to spot any potential problems.

Regular HVAC maintenance will reduce your heating and cooling costs and prevent untimely and costly repairs to your

heating and air conditioning units. By keeping your air conditioning unit(s) clean and having regularly scheduled maintenance service visits to troubleshoot potential issues before any breakdown occurs, you will: increase the efficiency of your Heating and Air Conditioning system and lower your utility costs, experience fewer problems with your HVAC system such as low Freon or breakdowns and extend the life of your Furnace, Heat Pump or Central Air Conditioning unit.

We offer maintenance plans for the Greater Nashville area. Residential and/or Commercial plans are available. Book online or call us today to get started.

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Home Automation

Make life easier with a Smart Home

Home automation is the perfect tool for managing your family's power consumption and making your entire home more energy efficient. Automatically switch off lights and appliances when not in use or during specific times of the day. Stop heating or cooling an empty house all day long and opt for a smarter approach to indoor climate control.

One of the first smart home devices on the scene was the smart thermostat. And while it may be old news, it’s still one of the smartest investments you can make for your home.

You can program your air conditioning and heating systems to use less energy during certain hours of the day, like while you’re away at work or while you’re sleeping. You can also program the thermostat to know when you leave the house by attaching rules to it like, “If the security system is set to ‘away,’ raise the thermostat to 80º F.” (In the summer of course—80º F is a bit steep for an empty house during the wintertime.)

A smart thermostat is a truly convenient way to save time and money—and leave a lighter carbon footprint.